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Career in Animation

Career in Animation

Animation has come a long way in the last few decades. It has applications from advertising to special effects to video games. Animation is not kids’ cartoons, to be enjoyed after school or on Saturday mornings while eating breakfast cereal.

What is Animation

Cartoon animators create animations through a series of pictures that make them come alive. Those interested in having a career in cartoon animation should have strong artistic and imaginary abilities. A cartoon animator creates graphic images for animated movies, television shows, video games and commercials. Animators create moving images through a series of pictures that change slowly over a sequence. Drawing skills are an important part of this field, particularly the ability to draw from life, rather than to simply draw an object accurately. Cartoon animators must have a strong grasp of what makes a picture visually appealing and understand the way people and objects interact with one another. This allows them to put their drawings together with storylines, soundtracks and special effects.

There are several specialties that make up a cartoon animation team. Generally, an entry-level cartoon animator works as an in-between animator, drawing the background and less important pieces of a scene. Animators work their way up the career ladder through various positions, such as character animator, lighting specialist, texture artist, compositor, lead animator and art director.

What Makes a Good Animator?

Not everybody can become an animator. Here are some of the basic skills and innate traits that that you’ll need to succeed in this challenging profession.


Artistic Good communication skills
Creative Computer and graphics skills
Coordinated Good decision making ability
Visual Good problem-solving skills
Logical Excellent time-management skills


There are no special subjects that are needed to be studied at this level. But aptitude in sketching, drawing and deep interest in computers is always considered essential to gain entry into the animation industry. It would be very appropriate to study fine arts at the college level and Bachelor in Fine Arts is an ideal way to give career in animation a big push. If, however, you are not pursuing fine arts but are instead pursuing some other stream, there are still chances to chalk out a career in animation. In such a situation, you must have an attitude and passion to excel in animation and your technical skills traning from a animation institute will helps you to get in this creative field. Animation courses are also avilable at best animation institute MAAC


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